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Reiki at Bhumi

Reiki is a two syllable Japanese word: 

• Rei means universal, present everywhere at the same time; spiritual consciousness, wisdom from higher self.  

• Ki is the essence and vitality that gives life to all living things – energy.

The story of Reiki begins in 1921 with Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui Reiki system of Natural Healing.  Other schools of Reiki have their own inception stories that diverge from traditional Reiki techniques and origins.  


After being attuned by a Reiki Master we are able to harness Reiki to heal ourselves and others.  There are seven main energy centers in the body that control the flow of the universal life force: our Chakras.  Each chakra is responsible for supplying energy to specific parts of the body. When they are blocked or clogged the flow of energy is diluted. A full Reiki treatment reopens the chakras and re-balances the flow of the universal life force around the body.

promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety

assists in the body’s natural healing processes

develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

At Bhumi we offer Traditional Reiki practice.  Our philosophy is:
  • The ability to do Reiki comes from receiving an attunement, rather than developing the ability over time though the use of meditation or other exercises.

  • All Reiki techniques are part of a lineage. This means that the technique has been passed on from teacher to student through an attunement process starting with the one who first channeled the technique.

  • In order for people to participate in their own healing, there must be an exchange of energy, so in traditional Reiki we have the following two beliefs:

1.    There must be a change in consciousness for healing to occur

2.    There must be an appropriate exchange of energy that honors each individual

Kathi Townsend
Reiki Master

Reiki & Meditation Certifications:

Sarasvati School of Meditation and Yoga, Certified Hindu Yoga and meditation since 1969

Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki Master/Teacher 1983, being 5 removed from Master Mikao Usui

Developed an innovative system of teaching yoga, meditation, stress management and energy work to dogs and their humans, called Pawsitive Energy in 1990.

Meditation Instructor Expert Rating 2015

Member International Association Reiki Professionals since 2016

Member of the International Meditation Teachers Alliance since 2015

what to expect:

Reiki treatments typically last from 45 - 60 minutes. 

During a session, you’ll generally lie on a massage table fully clothed, or sit in a chair if that is more comfortable, as your practitioner gently places their hands, palms down, on or just above your body in specific energy locations.

Touch is not mandatory, and will be adjusted to your comfort and preference. 

You may experience the energy in the form of sensations like heat, tingling or pulsing where the Reiki practitioner has placed their hands.

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